Lindsey Goodchild, CEO


Lindsey has tackled sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility challenges from both an academic and practical perspective.

As one of the first graduates from the Ryerson University post-graduate program in Sustainability with a specialization in Corporate Responsibility, Lindsey brings a current and innovative perspective to the changing demands of corporate citizens.

Greengage has allowed Lindsey to draw on her academic background, and combine it with her enthusiasm for sustainability to create enabling platforms that create and inspire change for a more sustainable world.

She is passionate about helping companies improve their triple bottom line, and proving that companies can achieve both environmental and social benefits while lowering operating costs and improving their business.

Dessy Daskalov, CTO


Dessy has been tinkering with technology for many years now. She's always looking for ways to solve world problems with technology, and engaging employees in sustainability is a big, challenging, and exciting one for her.

She studied Mathematics and Engineering at Queen's University and based her fourth-year thesis on sustainability.

Naturally, she loves numbers, and knows the importance of collecting and presenting relevant information. She's built the Greengage reporting system with all of this in mind.

Her many years as a software developer have trained her to build clean, sleek, and easy-to-use web applications and mobile apps, and she's directly applied these learnings to the Greengage platform.