The Greengage Platform is revolutionizing how organizations engage and reward individuals for health, green and community actions.

We partner with private sector, government and not-for-profit organizations to leverage the power of mobile engagement and tangible rewards to drive positive sustained behaviors.

Our platform is a proven, cost-effective tool, which has dramatically increased engagement levels across all sectors. In every partnership, our platform has delivered over a 65% increase in program engagement.

How It Works

The Greengage platform includes:

• A web-based management and analytics platform that provides a manager the ability to monitor, track and evaluate program performance.

• A mobile app that engages and rewards individuals for positive behaviors in real-time.

Bb-tip As an administrator, you can easily set program targets from any browser. You start out by creating a campaign, and filling it with several initiatives that you want your employees or citizens to focus on. Then, you split initiatives into distinct messages that will be sent to an individual’s mobile device. You choose the exact date and time you'd like those messages to be sent, so that you can target when it's most convenient for them, and when they're most likely to give you feedback.

We'll tell you exactly who has looked at your messages, and how they've responded.

Plug and Play

Metrics Administrators create campaigns directly from their browser. The management system tracks, monitors, and collects valuable analytics. Administrators select from pre-existing content or customize to add organization-specific goals.

Individuals download the app and then receive timely updates and incentive offers to participate. The app utilizes push notifications for real-time delivery. Users collect points for interacting with the system, and compete with each other.